Top 5 Moving Destinations in 2017


To be successful in the moving industry, you must have a good idea about where people are moving to and why. This year, we anticipate that there will again be more outbound long distance moves from New York than inbound interstate moves. Overall, the nationwide trend is showing more people leaving the crowded urban areas of the Northeast in favor of warmer climates and cities with lower living costs. Here are the top 5 moving destinations for Americans moving in 2017.

5) Fayetteville, Arkansas

Metro Population: 493,095
Median Home Price: $182,508
Median Annual Salary: $43,570

Fayetteville is one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States. Home of the University of Arkansas, this city is set in the beautiful Ozark Mountains. Fayetteville experiences a humid subtropical climate, which makes for hot summers, cold winters, and wet fringe seasons. Overall, the area sees little snow and few days below freezing. The nearby Ozarks give Fayetteville residents myriad opportunities for exploring the outdoors.

Forbes ranked Fayetteville #27 on its list of Best Places for Businesses and Careers, and the area has experienced great economic development in the last decade. Major employers include the University of Arkansas, Washington Regional Medical Center, and Veterans Administration Medical. As of December 2016, the Bureau of Labor and Statistics reported that the Fayetteville unemployment rate was just 2.5%, which is far below the national average. A healthy job market and low cost of living continue to draw people to this rapidly expanding city.

4) Washington, D.C.

Metro Population: 5,949,403
Median Home Price: $371,772
Median Annual Salary: $65,910

Washington, D.C. is also another excellent place to find employment opportunities, both in private and public sectors. The nation’s capital also has a high median salary, which makes its city living more affordable than many big cities. Federal jobs account for around 29% of employment, while many tangential fields such as law firms, lobbyists, private contractors, etc. account for another large sector of the job market. There are also abundant job opportunities in health care, finance, tourism, and scientific research. The unemployment rate in DC is 5.8%, which is just over 1 percentage point higher than the national rate.

In addition to being a great place to start or grow a career, DC is also noted for its excellent arts and culture scene. The Smithsonian operates a zoo and 17 wonderfully curated museums, including the Air and Space Museum, American History Museum, and the Natural History Museum, in the greater DC area. Washington DC is also home to wonderful national landmarks including the Lincoln Memorial, the Capitol Building, the White House, and the Washington Monument, among others. There’s never a shortage of things to do in DC.

3) San Jose, California

Metro Population: 1,925,706
Median Home Price: $829,792
Median Annual Salary: $78,620

Families looking for good schools might want to consider a move to San Jose. It is ranked number one for college readiness among high school students, which is important for most families or expecting parents looking to move. On top of that, the heart of Silicon Valley has an excellent selection of job opportunities. The tech hub’s fast population growth only adds to its growing economy, which enjoys a low unemployment rate of 4.5%.

This California city enjoys a moderate year-round climate, with 257 days of annual sunshine that are perfect for exploring the city’s nearly 16,000 acres of park land. This thriving city also has tons of shops and restaurants that do well thanks to the area’s affluence. Additionally, the coast is just a short drive away, meaning there’s plenty of opportunities to escape for weekends at the beach.

2) Denver, Colorado

Metro Population: 2,703,972
Median Home Price: $301,300
Median Annual Salary: $54,450

The Mile High City has been on the list of most desirable cities for years. Situated just east of some of America’s best ski resorts and outdoor recreation areas, Denver is an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise. The area enjoys around 245 days of sunshine each year, which means residents have plenty of time to hike, kayak, ski, and explore the great outdoors. For those that prefer urban life, there’s plenty of shopping, eating, and attractions in town including the Denver Art Museum, Confluence Park, the State Botanical Garden, and the 16th Street Mall.

Not only is Denver a fun place to live, but this gorgeous city enjoys a healthy job market and a low unemployment rate. Denver has long been a transportation hub and has a strong presence in the high-tech, finance, healthcare, and education industries. This expanding city is a great place for job seekers to take on a new career.

1) Austin, Texas

Metro Population: 1,889,094
Median Home Price: $262,182
Median Annual Salary: $49,560

Austin, Texas is the number one moving destination in 2017. An alternate place for tech companies, it is considerably cheaper to live in than San Jose for those trying to break into the tech industry. Compare Austin’s median home price to San Jose and you will see the appeal many people relocating find in Austin as opposed to more traditional tech cities like San Jose and Seattle. The third fastest growing city in the United States, Austin’s job market is rapidly expanding and people continue pouring in.

Known as the decidedly liberal capital city of the otherwise conservative Lone Star State, Austin grew from hippy town to modern city in just a matter of decades. Today, the downtown area is bustling with business and it seems high-rises are going up on just about every vacant corner to accommodate the population growth. When residents aren’t exploring food trucks or lining up at the latest BBQ joint, you can find them enjoying the city’s expansive green spaces – like Zilker Park and the Lady Bird Hike and Bike Trail.